Christmasy illustratory mug project #diy #mydesktoday


Hi everyone,

Happy sunday I hope your all having a great weekend wherever you are and are looking forward to christmas coming up with lots of great plans for the holidays. Since its super cold outside I thought today would be a chilled out lazy sunday spent inside with plenty of tea and biscuits to keep me company. Since I was a tad bored I had a rummage through my art box and came across my old porcelain 150 ceramic pens and thought why not have a doodle on a mug to make some christmas gifts to give to friends and family this year.


They’re super easy and quick to make without spending too much money on supplies ( you can get these pens from any local or online craft stores) as all you really need is one porcelain pen and a plain mug. These markers are great but sometimes can get a little clogged when the ink drys so an easy way I’ve found of curing this is to gently pull out the nibs and place them in a small bowl of boiled water.

This will remove any excess dried ink and you can dry them with a paper towel and pop the nib back in place. Be sure to leave your cups plenty of time to dry before you follow the pen instructions on baking them in your home oven. Give it ago yourself and share the types of designed mugs you come up with it’d be great to see!

Kate x
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