“Your beginning & someone elses middle .”

One of my most favourite illustrators who I admire the talent and aspirations of has to be Johanna Basford. Not to long ago I came across a NESTA interview with Johanna herself, she talked about aspects of her business start-up from marketing to products, clients and her unique style. Seeing her journey taken from back in 2010  to 2013 its clear to see where her aspiration have led her, from the twitter picture project, publishing her own inky book and holding the ” wonderlands” exhibition this year there’s a lot I admire about her.

I feel it can always be good for the creative soul to look at your fellow creatives journey and where they’ve taken their talents since the day they started. For me I gain a lot of my inspiration from people like this and they instill in me the energy and positivity to do my best and share what I can do to aspire to achieve great things aswell. Though the main point I wanted to voice I suppose in this blog post is :

“Don’t compare your beginning to someone elses middle” 

( Jon acuff) 

This quote really does ring true and also bring me back down to the ground when I’m feeling a little daunted by the long road of illustration ahead since I’m not long having started out myself. Though they may make it look easy I’m sure that Johanna herself felt the exact same way as I did when she first started out her journey as Johanna Basford the illustrator and inky evangelist.

Kate x
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