5 things that don’t make winter seem so bad



Hello everyone,

Now maybe I’m hoping I’m not so different or odd when I say I’m not to keen on the winter seasons, I mean sure we have christmas coming  up and having fun times with family and friends to look forward to but  still I really don’t  like winter. Snow is great but after afew days I get abit fed up and want spring and summer to hurry up ( not to mention ice which I’m always scared of slipping on!) . If your like me then you’ll be just as eager ( not really) for the winter season so rather than thinking how much I’m dreading the cold and inevitable runny nose I came up with 5 things that don’t make winter seem so bad.

  1.  Perfect excuse for more hot cups of tea / chocolate / whipped cream / marshmallows the works!
  2.  Longer snuggled under the duvet and time in your jammies when its cold ( though I’m going to do my best not work in them).
  3.  Working from home I’m not gonna have to dust of my car or go ice skating on the roads 🙂 .
  4.  Being cosy and warm with the fire on and listening to the christmas radio.
  5.  Having a golden retriever or two to keep your feet warm 🙂 whilst they snooze under the desk.

So thats pretty much 5 things I can think of that making winter not seem so cold, snowy and did I mention cold after all? How about yourself though what 5 things makes winter seem all the better for you ?

Kate x
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