How to get your creativity back?


When people are creative and creativity is connected to the work we love to do day by day , sometimes we can reach that point where we get bogged down and become flat out uninspired. You might feel that no matter what you draw it isn’t turning out right or you could have done something better and screw the work you’ve been working on into a ball and throw it in the bin. Now I know all to well how having a creative block feels no matter how hard you may try to pull out the work it just gets you feeling flustered and upset with yourself sometimes , whether your an artist , musician or writer we can all get creative blocks so to help beat the block and get your creativity back here I’ve listed some tips and advice to help you on the way!

Tip 1 . Give yourself a break if things aren’t working out creatively (aka don’t be harsh on yourself) understand that everyone has rubbish days even you.

Tip 2 . Take a some time away and do something you enjoy doing to give yourself a fresher from your project work and come back to it shortly after with an open mind.

Tip 3 . Talk about your creative block and what you think is stopping your progress with somebody who gets your talent and thinking, they may find solutions, give options and advice to your problem that you currently can’t see clearly.

Tip 4 . Change of scenery can work wonders for the creative soul , whether this means cleaning up your space or sprucing up your office / studio to something much more expressive of your style and taste by doing this you’ll create order and a clean  visual work space to clear your mind for work and thinking.

Tip 5 . A creative retreat (what I’m actually on currently) can be the perfect solution, whether you can go and visit family or friends or even a holiday just

take sometime to enjoy things outside of work with no pressure for results or deadlines to help you relax and collect new ideas and inspiration for you to start again.

I hope this helps those of you who are feeling a little less creative lately get back on track with your exciting work and projects , do any of you have any tips you’ve found help’s deal with creative block? If so it’d be great to hear from you.

Kate x
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