How to overcome and reach your goals.


I will always remember back when I was in high school, every parents evening I would proudly venture to school with my parents and go through my grades and progress I’d made that term. At the end my tutor would ask what career I want to pursue when I’m older and each time I would reply I want to be an artist ( at the time I didn’t think much about being an illustrator but I knew I wanted to be creative).

Though I’d like to think today teachers are positive and encouraging towards their student’s aspirations and dreams, my tutor however simply replied “being an artist isn’t a career you can’t make a living from being an artist you need to think of doing something else”. Walking away from my parents evening that day despite the discouragement towards my heartfelt aspiration I managed to dust myself down and keep working towards my goals leading onto going to college and university for art.

Since then there have been many people who have said “ no you can’t do that” or “ good luck with that that’s not going to work” and no doubt you yourself will have come across times where people you may know or simply ask the advice of put a dampener on your dreams , aspirations and goals. However stop right there just because somebody else has a different outlook on something that is important to you doesn’t mean it’s valid enough a reason  to stop you doing what you want to do with your life, whether that’s  starting a business, travelling , going to university ,pursuing  a career and much more.

Here are a few things I tell myself when I experience happenings like these and how I’ve overcome the discouraging outlook may just help you in situations like this yourself.

Tip one: Most people might have had a bad day when you happened to cross paths and spoke about your dreams and goals (you may know where you want to go with life but they may not hence feel a tad blue on the subject).

Tip two: Some people maybe jealous of your enthusiasm and aspirations because you’re working towards something great.

Tip three: It’s the people who stay in your life who are important, think about whose going to be there by your side when you succeed and not those who are in your life and out of it the next.

Tip four: What they say is their opinion and everyone is entitled to one but you don’t have to take every opinion to heart.

Tip five:  Prove them wrong, use the discouragement as encouragement to show them your potential.

Hope this helps you overcome and reach your goals in whatever you aspire to be I’m sure it will be amazing and a success!

Kate x
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