Working from home tips & advice

Working from home for many may sound far more appealing than rolling out of bed at 7:00 in the morning clumsily pulling together your day job clad , stumbling to grab your car keys whilst shoveling down the last of your toast and dregs of tea before you go to work.  Well that is very true working from home has its perks and I’m beginning to understand the more I pursue my illustration career the pro’s and con’s of working from home  and so made afew scribbles about them here.

1. You’ll only have to travel a couple of steps to get to the office, can’t be bad saving you money on bus fair or fuel for the car. 

2. Filling lunches yep no more soggy butties in the bottom of your lunch box with a bruised banana for afters which doesn’t sound all that appealing ( never did in primary school either), but fortunately enough I now have a kitchen on hand to make some yummy homemade soups and what not for dinner nom :). 

3. Tailored outfit of the day , yep you can dress how you like but I found sitting in my night gown made me less productive and more like a caterpillar so word of advice get dressed to work! For me I tend to throw on a strappy cami vest top with some leggings, jumper and scarf and I’m all dressed up to get on with my day. 

4. You maybe less active depending on your work, I’ve found that doing my daily yoga in the morning for about 30 minutes , walking the dog at lunch time and doing my wii fit in the evenings helps me keep productive, healthy and burning calories. If you have a gym membership then by all means your set to fit in keeping healthy with your work from home. 

5. Balancing family/ friends with work can be one of the tougher tasks I’ve found, my family when they’re at home as lovely as they are want to talk with me and do family stuff like normal. However when you start a business its really important they understand you need to dedicate time to it, if you have children or company during the days you work try and find times when people aren’t around that you can best work effectively and get more out of your day. 

Working from home is pretty cool  you can make work comfy and fun but I think so long as you set yourself  time to dedicate to your business its not so bad :). 

Kate x
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