Tiger print July brief entry


So recently my blogs been yet again slightly quiet though I have quite alot of different new things and projects to yet write about I just need to cellotape myself to my desk and get them done! Currently I’ve been really focused on pulling together a illustration portfolio that shouts out about the type of drawings I want to be doing, so to test my skills and creative know how I decided to take on the Tiger Print  brief for July to september. 

The brief called for a Black and White pattern to be created that was to be printed onto a mix of printed products and stationary items that are sold via Marks & Spencers. I’d previously enterred tigerprint competitions before ( when I was a tad amateurish with my digital design, slaving over my tablet back in the old days as a student) . 

This design was really inspired by the concept of a lattice print, how the lattice shape and arrangement entwines in a sense. So going from this source of inspiration I then brought in together sketches of florals , butterflies , buds and leaves as a sort of body of the print itself. I’m truly inspired by illustrators such as Johanna Basford and Teagan White but did find this brief a challenge setting the task of sticking to a 2 colour palette. 

All thats left to do now is wait and see what comes of it , but I’m truly happy with the designs I came up with and can’t wait to put this piece into my portfolio. πŸ™‚

kate x
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