Reaching the half way mark

I’ve only just realised that we’re already half way through 2013! I can’t really believe how many sleeps have gone by and how easily you forget what you’ve done with your time as it flys so fast! It really does make me consider and think about what have I achieved so far? 

  • I’ve completed my Bachelor’s Degree and 3 year’s worth of education
  • I joined the Zero2Illo group and met an amazing , helpful and inspirational group of people
  • Began my new avenue in blog and writing!
  • Began my pursuit for a career as a freelance illustrator
  • I’ve rediscovered myself and my goals in life are now much more clearer!

How about you? what have you done with your year so far? Was there something you wanted to achieve and if so how can you go about doing it. 

p.s The 5 day challenge is yet to be uploaded! lack of post updates due to feeling gummy after having my wisdom teef out but more shortly. 

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