5 Day Pattern Design Challenge

To get back to making and creating some illustratory work , I’ve set myself the challenge of trying a series of different pattern making processes over the next 5 days to create some printed fabric and different doody products! After doing a spot of bedtime inspirational reading last night of ” The Complete guide to designing and printing fabric”  by Lauire Wisburn  I was struck with a sudden lightblub and realised that drawing is what I need to get back into doing.

Many of us can get stuck in a creative rut or art block from time to time and its safe to say this is how I’ve felt over the past week or so. But by committing myself and putting together aload of new doodles and drawings I’ll have some fresh and innovative work to show and post up here on my blog! I may even video blog some of the work I produce in the overall 5 days and upload it for you all to see!

5 Day Schedule 
Day One : Paper Cutting Repeat  (Thursday)

Day Two : Straight Block Repeat (Friday)

Day Three : Half-Drop Repeat (Saturday)

Day Four : Brick Repeat (Sunday)

Day Five : Random Repeat (Monday)

What are you going to challenge yourself to achieve over the week? bring out your creative and see what you can come up with. I’ll blog about my results daily so there will be plenty to see and more to come! 


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