New year New beginning

  New year and journey

2013 is here and its the start of a new year and hopefully many big and wonderful things for  myself , christmas and the holidays flew by and despite my best intentions to blog leaving an entry till the new year seemed the best thing to do as I wasn’t quite sure what to write.

I’ve already began to set off into an avenue for my style and I know I don’t post many images to my blog just yet but in due time I will , I simply haven’t been able to swim my way out of the endless piles of business paperwork and theory needed to be understood and completed for my degree. I’m beginning to think though how terrified I will be once I graduate , six long years in education to enter the industry with the world currently as it is will be extremely scary but as my mentor phrased it ” you never know unless you try”.

Let hope 2013 has plenty in store for this little blog and to those who stumble across it. 

Highlights of 2012
  • Graduated from university in June ( foundation degree in contemporary art practice) 
  • Passed my driving test in may 
  • Bought my very first car in March ( love my little yaris ❀ ) 
  • Scraped a wall with my new car on the day I bought it ( yeah smooth I did cry 😦 )
  • Started my Bachelors degree 
  • Made this blog  πŸ™‚

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