Notebook delivery

Woke up late today , not very often do I have a lie in at the weekend and lazy about in my pyjamas and duvet ( its cold outside and really dull so its a good excuse I think). To my suprise our mailman had arrived early today and I was very happy with a huge smile on my face to have my little sister pass me a package from Emma wilson .

Emma wilson is the talented designer maker behind Pumpkinsputnik in a previous post I mentioned coming across her work at the Shire hall art gallery in staffordshire. Following that oh so faithful stumbling across her work I then went onto passing to and frow emails with emma she’s really lovely and I’m really glad I’ve been able to talk to her.

If you havent checked out emma’s work already you should definetly go over , check out the links below as now I’m off to grab a cup of tea and poached egg on toast have a nice week!


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