Making stages

Stage one  : The idea

In continuation from my previous blog post over the past week I’ve been working on my £30 project for university , at the end of my post I knew what I wanted to make and what tasks I needed to complete in order to properly research , prepare and cover all necessary aspects before I decide to start selling my product. These were to conduct market research , look into competitors ,  price up how much it would cost me to make, identify what I would need and this would then lead me to also creating a sample of my product.

Product points :

  • I want to create an art based ceramic kit that brings contemporary ceramic designing techniques to your home without the need for a kiln. 
  •  specifically made with the purpose of boosting creativity in those who use it , promote sharing of idea’s ,creating a personalised keepsake or gift. 
  • aimed at those interested in ceramic’s /  arts & craft based design activities ( this may vary but I typically estimated that it will bring about the interest of young adults between the ages of 8-17 and older females of 21+ )

Stage two : Making it happen

 I was easily able to conduct a successful survey for my product via the  ” Survey monkey” website and gain more scope into whose selling similar product and how they go about it,  how much for etc. Once I was finished with this task I priced up and gathered together all the necessary materials needed in order to make the samples of my product! I spent the past few days putting together a set of designs to experiment with as a trial ( not necessarily for the final product) and after a few hours I came up with my finished decal mug!

Stage three : Testing

Once my product was finished and baked in the oven I tried a series of tests to checks its quality and if it efficiently fitted its purpose such as :

  • Scratch test : Scratching the surface and area of the decal to find it wouldn’t and didn’t come away once baked for the allocated time
  • Tea test : Putting a cup of hot tea into the mug to see if the heat affected the design ( best part was drinking the tea obviously) 
  • Hand wash test : The cup was easily washed by hand gently using dish soap and a soft sponge , this had no affect on the design and it kept its colour and quality without any problem
  • Dish washer test : Unfortunately upon testing my product in the dish washer I found that the decal couldn’t cope with the lengthy soak times and jets in the dish washer therefore I concluded that if I do sell my product I have to make it clear that to preserve this item it cannot go into the dish washer.

Now that I have clarified these pointers in the making of my product I need to next focus on completing the set of themed designs for my decals , packaging style,  instructions to accompany the kit and promotional pre order leaflets in order to gain some potential interest and orders before my project deadline.  (Rest assured this product is simply for the purpose of my university course although mugs are cute and dainty things to make) . In my next blog post I’ll hopefully be able to reveal my packaging , promotional ideas and the end refined product.


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