Blog diary : one

Blog diary  : one

Over the past few weeks I’ve started to put together a cork mood board with a variety of colour swatches, articles, inspirational patterns and idea’s I’ve had for my university project. Due to the fact my first deadline is already approaching in the middle of december I need to get a move on with preparing my work for submission for the hand in date.

 At the same time though I do feel slightly stumped that amongst my busy daily schedule I can’t seem to balance allocating myself enough time to sit and draw, go out on an expeditions with ” unexpected discoveries” ( aka getting lost) , visiting galleries or even just relax alongside my  university work .

             ” How am I going to give myself time?”  
If like me you are stuck in the same situation where you are working to hard and don’t give yourself a break then coming up with a set of goals maybe the answer , by this I mean setting yourself something to accomplish within a set amount of time. When I make my goals I intend to print them onto a calendar and washi tape them to my bed side wall, so that each morning when I wake up they’ll either be there ready for me to read or slipped down the side of my mattress because the tapes fallen off.  Anyways here are my goals! 
  • Visit the Manchester craft and design centre and first cut exhibition  
  • Sketch and experiment more with mixed graphical media
  • Play around with illustrator to create more seamless patterns
  • Pamper myself more ( beauty products and clothes )  
  • Begin my christmas shopping for my mum , sister and friends. 

“When do I intend to have done these goals by?” 

I plan to have completed these goals over the coming week , don’t forget you can apply this same method to your university work or business work. Setting short term and long term goals and keeping them in your sight will give you something to focus on and aim towards completing  , by completing all your short term goals you’ll be suprised how quickly you’ll progress into your long term goals. 



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