Workshops for the creatives

On the 7th of november  I attended a  business start up workshop run by Creative Enterprise  at the business village of Staffordshire university. Creative Entreprise are a recently established group of professionals based in the west midlands,  they aspire to help and support graduates, new businesses and established business within the creative industry.

Creative entrepreneurs/ enterprises are businesses that are artistically differents they come in a wide variety of  :

  • Artists to Illustrators
  • Graphic designers to Web designers
  • Film makers to Photographers
  • Creative activity groups to
    Dance groups

After it taking me nearly an hour to get there I was warmly greeted by Pete and Clare who ran the workshop. The day was filled with a workshop presentation, plenty of cups of tea and opportunities to work with other members of the group.Clare and Pete covered a range of really interesting topics regarding the running of your own business such as :

  • Analysising what your business has to offer
  • Establishing your values
  • Identifying what makes you distinguishing 
  • Building your brand
  • Market research and tools
  • Legalities, Intellectual property , copyright and more

Attending the workshop gave me opportunities to communicate , build relationships , share my ideas , recieve feedback , support and network with people in the west midlands area who I problably would not have meet otherwise.I was able to learn more about what my business needs to be distinguishing and the areas I need to focus on defining before my launch next year . Clare and Pete helped me to find the blank spots in my planning that I have been working on since october such as looking into the long term affects for my business, how my target market respond to different types of product etc and with this I can now work on those points so that my business has a better start.

Overall I think these workshops are a worth while event to secure a place for and attend ,  I unfortunately couldn’t attend the second day workshop which I was extremely disheartened about but I would definetly go to future events that the Creative Enterprise might hold again! I would reccomend it for any of you who are scared or unsure about your business idea as it will give you the scope needed to be a quality business with so much potential. Thank you again to Claire Hudson and Pete McLuskie for your support and help!


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