Made : a visit to a gallery part two

Part two …

Continuing my blog post on my visit of the Shire hall gallery in staffordshire, ( p.s do you like the picture of the pigeon I found , one behind had a stumpy leg and kept walking towards my camera probably wanted to see how it had turned out incase I later tagged him on facebook ).

Speaking of birds on a small shelf in the gift shop I came across these very unique and colourful bird brooches made by illustrator called Kate Slater . As soon as I saw these tiny pieces I instantly recalled watching Kate’s facebook page via my account frequently so it was nice to see her illustrative style up close.

Kate’s style focuses around the use of cut segments of collage in a very graphical manner, using birds as her theme for inspiration I found I could relate to her work through similarities it had to mine. Usually using her artwork in the  creation of  book illustrations for children, it was interesting to see the transition her drawings made from being a simple paper form into a wearable piece to be sold on the market.

This demonstrated to me that there is more than one use for a drawing or design and you should never be to restricting with your work as you never really know if it’ll work well in another area of the creative market unless you put the idea out there to see.

Made in the middle …

Now moving onto the “Made in the middle” exhibition, alot of the pieces within the collection complimented each other brilliantly whether it was through the form of style, technique or theme everything flowed one display after the other. One particular section of the exhibition for example was a table arrangement of ceramics with lace,crochet and stitched items with a cross stitch die cut metal table top ( seen in the photo to the left). 

Then further along were a collection of fabric canvases and illustrations of a homes interior, these were much more graphical all composed from closely sown fabric pieces of contrasting colours (seen on the right). Each artwork on display  complimented each other working well overall as an exhibition so it was easy to see  throughtout where alot of projects inspiration came from and the similarities they all had.

It was really inspiring to see how other local artists interpretated their own inspirations with unique styles and ways of working. Alot of the artworks on display especially the stitched style piece seen above gave me idea’s of looking at using stitch pattern within my own designs. After my very long blog entry I’m a little lost for words as to what else I can say so I’ll end it hear till my next article pops up .


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