Portmerion findings ..

Whilst away on my weekend visit to Portmadog I visited the portmerion store, home to a wide variety of contemporary designs and products out on the market I felt that by visiting I may find some inspiration along the way and also get the chance to look closely at the latest :

  • Themes
  • Colours
  • Patterns
  • Packaging methods 

Alot of the products that were on sale at portmerion were based within specific retail catergorys such as:

  • Kitchen ware
  • Home ware 
  • Stationary 

 I was really carefully to keep my arms and elbows in at all times as this particular portmerion shop was extremely cramped , so working my way around was very similar to playing a game of pacman. In the background however I did catch my mother giggling and waving her arms about which only made me pray that she didn’t knock anything of the shelves accidentally  ( got to love her).

    What did I find ?

     On the shelves were quite a variety of Mugs, Dishes, tins and other kitchenware.One particular collection of very retro designs by Orla Kiely caught my eye.

    Kiely’s vivid use of colour combined with her classic repeat patterns based upon the themes of floral shapes makes her collection contemporary , unique and visually appealing whilst suiting a “stylish purpose” in your kitchen .

    Not only does she apply her designs solely to kitchen based items but expands into forms of stationary and wallpapers. This is something I find truly fascinating about design , applying something you make to many other forms to suit more purposes and the customers needs. Could I do this for my business? thinking about it yes you could , it would require more time and money to invest in the making or manufacturing of another product, however the possibility of making income off two forms of product instead of one seems a good idea if during the seasons one is selling better than the other. So without sounding to complex kiely is cleverly appealing to her audience in more ways than one whilst making a living.

    I noticed that each of her individual pieces were packaged in a “Kraft” (eco recycled) box , nicely embellished on the front was her recongisable leaf stem branding for her business. Now currently I’m a big fan / sucker for “eco recycled” everything, whether its stationary or kraft based sketchbooks, notebooks, bags or boxes I have to buy it.  I feel promoting that you are sourcing a more efficient method of packaging your product will give your business recognition. This brings to mind the question ;

    • Is  recycled packaging cheaper to purchase?
    • Is it easy to source?  
    • Would it be something to consider in my business?
    • Do customers feel influenced to re-use the packaging afterwards?
    • Do customers look upon the business differently because they use these methods? 

    When I look at other peoples businesses or products I try to think how I could apply ways of working ( marketing , packaging , presentation etc) to my own. How could it benefit my business? would it be a costly investment? So even by looking at the instore pieces that I have gives me many new incentives to take away and consider. Why not consider this for your business ? it could help increase the popularity of what you do and also be the turning point of  your future success .


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