Day Two : More from wales

Second and unfortunately my last day in Portmadog but its as sunny as can be and I couldn’t be happier here. Despite it being my last day though I have plenty to share in my next few blog posts so there’ll be new articles upon here soon. Since yesterdays post I’ve made my way down the beach with family about five minutes away from our caravan. Kites were flying through the air , the tide had swept out , jellyfish were resting on the sand and endless footprints covered the surface.


Later on in town whilst browsing the streets I came across an extremely serious looking dog with the most amazing fringe , his face was so characteristic I couldn’t help but smile when I looked at him hence snapping a picture of him before I left. After that I had tea and biscuits in the Kerfoot cafe in probably the fanciest cup I’d ever drank from (very british). Now you maybe wondering these are all a bunch of random photographs, but the photographs that I take during my travels go into my “Visual Diary” ( I wrote an earlier article on how to create you own visual diary check it out if you’d like to make your own). Everything I photograph and edit I feel inspired by and then later on turn those inspirations into drawings, prints and final designs for an array of artworks that I hope to share more through my blog.  I’ll hopefully post more later on right now I’m off down to the beach again to fill a bottle of sand for a friend.



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